Highland Dimensions

A language school in the sunny part of Scotland

What you get

Learn how to speak the No. 1 global language – English. No other language is spoken by more people world wide.  Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn English.  Only through daily exposure to the language and  native speakers can you hope to truly improve your proficiency.


Learning made easy- language training that is fun, where you can actually see the progress you’re making. No rote memorisation of vocabulary.  Lively, situation based associating.

Highland Dimensions is more than just language, it is a quiet passion for something lasting. Once you’ve been here, you’ll want to return again and again.  We’re located in the heart of Oban, a lovely and friendly fishing town surrounded by much natural beauty and lots of castles. Oban is ideally suited for trips to the Hebridean Isles as well as offering excellent connections to Glasgow and Edinburgh.

What we offer

Small groups or individual training guarantee enjoyment and success. Our courses range from Standard English for all levels of proficiency to business, technical and aviation English. Whatever  special language needs you may have, we’ll customise a course to meet your requirements.  Do you want to brush up on your presenting or negotiating techniques?  No problem, let us assist you.

Do you want to know what it’s like to work with Brits or Americans? We can help.




We do more than just talk, we back up what we say with service.



  • You can take a train or bus.  You could hire a car if you prefer being more flexible.
  • Don’t worry about where you’re going to stay. Let us take the stress out of finding suitable accommodation for you. Of course you can stay with us, or if you prefer we’ll find you private accommodation in a B+B or in a cosy hotel.
  • We supply all the learning materials you’ll need. (eg scripts,books etc.)
  • You’ll receive a Certificate of Achievement you can add to your records.
  • We’ll assist you in planning and organising a wide range of leisure activities that you may be interested in.
  • Take advantage of our excellent ties to local businesses.